Club Red - East Theater

Upcoming Shows for Club Red - East Theater

  • Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018


    Yung Pinch is a rapper on the rise from Huntington Beach, California. His songs have chill laid-back surfer vibe reminiscent of the beach town he hails from. As for his rap name, that was a real nickname he got when he was a freshman in high school.

    With Tyla Yaweh, Daghe.

  • Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

    Tengger Cavalry

    Tengger is the name of the sky god of Mongolian grassland. Created in 2009 by the bandleader Nature Ganganbaigal, Tengger Cavalry blends overtone throat singing, Mongolian horse-head fiddle and other nomadic music tradition of Central Asia with heavy rock music, creating a unique music genre – Mongolian Folk Metal

  • Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018

    Skeletal Remains

    With SORROWER, Intent, Celestial Exile, Aerial Strike

  • Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018

    Cult Leader

    Cult Leader is a tech-forward, Salt Lake City-based metalcore unit formed out of the ashes of grindcore outfit Gaza.

    With Echo Beds, God Mother, Woundvac