About SilverPlatter

SilverPlatter is the valley's best source to find out about live music. With reliable, up-to-date information, links to bands and venues, and a weekly email blast, SilverPlatter hopes to increase attendance at shows across the city no matter what the musical style or genre. We also hope to shine the spotlight on the amazing local bands here, while building awareness and support often found in other cities of this size.

Kimber Lanning

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Owns Stinkweeds and Modified Arts, and founded Local First Arizona. Motto: "Keep your money where your home is!". Gets annoyed when people don't go to shows and then complain there are no shows.

Lindsay Cates

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Manages Stinkweeds during the day and gets musical at night. She plays bass for Pick & Holler, SunPunchers, Snow Songs, Fatigo, Jon Rauhouse and others, and spends as much time supporting live music as possible. She's a data entry extraordinaire and backbone for SilverPlatter and She'll help out with just about anything, so long as it's not origami.

Stephen Chilton

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Owns PsykoSteve promotions (but he's not psyko at all), Modified webmaster, and all around good guy. Eats too much junk food.

Henri! Ng

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The biggest music fan, goes to shows almost every other night, so-so photographer (aka Amateur Rock 'n' Roll Photographer), and Amateur Youtube Music Director for SilverPlatter. Also controls Facebook for SilverPlatter!

Frank Gallardo

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Nothing beats a hot cup of java and tunes on the stereo ... unless I have the chance to see the band live instead. Businessman during the day, concert junkie at night. Check out The Musings if you want to know what I'm listening to.

Kyle Dehn

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Kyle Dehn is a Phoenix-area marketing dude, graphic designer, resident EmoNight DJ, drummer, Phoenix Suns fan, puppy dad, NBA2K semi-pro and professional band watcher. Kyle has been Marketing Director of Phoenix area promotion company Stateside Presents (who puts on over 500 shows a year in AZ) since 2013. Prior to that, he worked at Tucson's Rialto Theatre. He usually smells pretty good too.

Justin Yee

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Besides being an avid concert-goer, currently working at Owens Harkey Advertising and serving as sole Phoenix contributor for LIVE Music Blog. His passion is making live music look as great as it sounds. Sometimes he posts stuff on Instagram: @yeesus