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  • Thursday, Sep. 15, 2016


    Got my ticket for this one!

  • Sunday, Sep. 04, 2016

    The Flamin' Groovies and The Rebel Set

    Never saw these guys during their original go-around, never thought I would. I guess you can say The Flamin' Groovies are one of those bucket list bands!

  • Wednesday, Sep. 07, 2016

    The Album Leaf

    There are certain styles and genres that have stuck with me, throughout the years. And, within those styles and genres, maybe only a handful of bands that keep my attention. This is reserved for those artists who create timeless music. The Album Leaf explores ambient soundscapes, mixed with hook driven motifs, often played on a vintage Rhodes Electric Piano and rounds it out with simple, driving drum rhythms that are subtle yet never fall flat. Their music could be described as life soundtracks. It's instrumental, emotional and always forward moving.

  • Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2016

    Local Natives

    Love love love Local Natives! Hoping their latest efforts have a less somber feel than the last one, which was stellar, but just in a melancholy way... hoping for a well, hopeful output. They've never disappointed me since I found out about them, so I'm just going to put my trust in them.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

    The Haymarket Squares, Carol Pacey and The Honey Shakers, Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold and The Sunpunchers

    Tony Ziemba is hands down one of the valley's biggest local music supporters. He's photographed more live performances than anyone I've known. He's passionate about music, especially live and local and he has great taste. Come out and support and celebrate Tony on this night! All proceeds will go towards Cancer Research.

  • Monday, Sep. 05, 2016


    This new record is absolutely amazing. One of the most dynamic and interesting duos in post-hardcore. Can't wait to see them again.

  • Thursday, Sep. 01, 2016

    Mild High Club

    starting September off with a banger! the new Mild High Club upon first impression seems to be even more impressive than the last. couldn't be more excited about the local support too!

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